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Creative approaches to self-integration

I am interested in exploring the internal tensions we perceive between different parts of self, between competing concepts of life meaning, between our own light and shadow, between fully accepting ourselves and yet hungering to go beyond our limitations, or fundamentally between 'being' and 'doing'.  I believe that developing the ability to be at peace in the centre of these competing influences empowers us to live in a more integrated way where we make appropriate choices for each emerging situation rather than chase a rigid and ultimately futile control.

I have practiced meditation since a young age, and value this as a foundation to resource my approach.  I have also travelled extensively and owned a vegetarian food business before studying business psychology in my 30s and specialising for a decade in all aspects of large organisational change.  During that time, I started coaching and realised that dialogue around individual change was where I felt most fulfilled.  I then completed an MA in Integrative Counselling & Psychotherapy, became a registered member of the BACP, have spent some years within an NHS setting and now also work in private practice.

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